Screen Plays

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The Outfit

Genre: Dark Comedy, Short Film

Awards: Winner at Creepy Tree Film Festival, Official Selection of Reels of the Dead

When an irresistible outfit is stolen, a mysterious entity comes to reclaim what is his. The Outfit is a horror parody bringing laughs and creepiness together for an unmissable short film.

The Ruse

Genre: Post-Apocalyptic, Coming of age, Short Film

Jordan, a teenage girl alone in the apocalypse, travels the country side in search of a home. A place with food, water, and the comforts of a roof over her head finally gives her the feeling she sought her entire life. Safety. When a group of militiamen threaten to take her home away, she quickly acts to protect the only home she’s ever had. “The Ruse” is a coming of age tale inspired by the solitary home defense of Home Alone set in a post apocalyptic world.

Turf War

Genre: Comedy, Short Film, Comedy Sketch

This short comedy pits a young home owner in the middle of two rival factions fighting for supremacy of the mysterious “Under”. Both sides plead their case with Angela, but ultimately ends in a bloody Showdown in the epic conclusion.