John R. McCool III hails from a small town in the great state of Mississippi. He fell in love with writing at a very young age, oftentimes writing stories during class rather than paying attention. Writing is more to him than just a mere hobby, its the way to analyze the world around him. He writes mainly works of horror, mystery, and thrillers of many kinds.

He now resides in Rossville, Illinois where most of his time is spent attending to the day-to-day operations of a local coffee shop, which is like a second home to him. When not writing or sipping coffee, John loves spending time with his wife and kids who give him the inspiration to pursue all of his dreams.

Welcome to the world of the Dark and Mysterious.

What People Say

Well written, easily digestable stories that pack a spooky punch!

Amazon Reviewer

“The Outfit” redefines why you can’t take laughter out of manslaughter.. Can’t get creepier with a clown! Excellence!

Creepy Tree Film Festival

McCool Mythos: The Tales of the Dark and Mysterious was a fun, fast, and spooky read! …each tale is sure to make you think twice before shutting off the light.

The Page Ladies

I review a lot of anthology novels…So color me pleasantly surprised: I really enjoyed nearly every story in this collection of short.

Goodreads Reviewer

Latest Work

Best friends, Jessica and Danielle, are in for the fight of their lives as they fall victim to a home invader. However, this intruder isn’t there to rob them of the little they have. A simple game is all he’s after, and they have no choice but to play. This horror/thriller calls back to the clown epidemic of 2016, where clown sightings became a regular occurrence for reasons that still remain a mystery.

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