The Dark and Mysterious

Welcome to the endless worlds of the Dark and Mysterious!

Hello there reader. Since you’re here reading this, I assume you have a distinct interest in the writings of the Dark and Mysterious. But, what alot of people tend to ask me is: what exactly is the dark and mysterious?

It’s something that can difficult to define. Writings of this nature can be any genre, but hold darker than usual tones in its story telling. Its contains gloomy atmosphere and a sense of dread for the characters interacting with their world. It can be categorized as a sub genre as well. Most notably grim dark for fantasy and science fiction, as well as gothic for dark Victorian inspired works. However, it can also be hidden within other genres, lurking in the shadows of each page. Genres like dystopian, thriller, and even romance. Next time you read a good love story, pay attention to the world and events happening around the character. You might be surprised.

The dark and mysterious is hidden everywhere within your favorite literary fiction. I’ve been really into political thrillers lately, and as you could guess, things get pretty gloomy. I was reading Murphy’s Rangers by Eric Meyer recently, which follows a US Army Ranger during the opening of World War Two, and I quickly picked up on the dark tones presented, not only in Meyer’s work, but other authors in the military thriller genre. It made me a believer that dark writing isn’t a genre by itself, but a loving addition to any genre of work. It was an amazing realization for someone like me who tends to bend genres to the darker side by default.

As a writer, adding darker tones to genres have always come naturally to me. Even as a kid writing my silly stories during most lectures in class tended to dip towards the brutal reality of things. My protagonist would accomplish their goals, there would ALWAYS be a negative consequence that would change their lives forever. Pretty macabre for a kid’s writing, but that’s just who I was, and still am to this day.

Now, being a darker writer doesn’t mean everyone dies all the time, and there’s death lurking around every corner. It is as simple as the atmosphere in most cases. Stories that take place over the back drop of severe thunderstorms, mostly at night, or during some kind of low light situation. However, writing on this way could also be more forthcoming such as putting your poor characters in the catacombs beneath the ancient streets of Paris, or lock them in a dilapidated mansion while being hunted by something unseen. The possibilities are endless.

As a writer of the Dark, it’s considered a tool to me. How to best use it is situational, but like all tools, it has its specific use. It’s a tool that I’ve worked hard to master, and now that I have the tool of darkness can now be used to create some of the most delightfully dreadful little worlds.

So, for all my dark and mysterious friends out there, let’s embrace these epic gloomy tales. Writings of the Dark and Mysterious are so much fun to read, and even more fun to pen.

Please, enjoy these beautiful dark worlds of mine friends.

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